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A Conference by the Marist Family Peace and Justice Group Australia




This year our conference, Both Ends of the Gun, focuses on Australian Aboriginals at War - the Frontier Wars and Overseas Wars.

Much has been said, written and celebrated about Australia’s involvement in wars overseas, especially in this year when we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli and Australia’s subsequent engagement in the European campaigns. But no mention or commemoration is made of the Frontier Wars during which Aboriginal Australians fought to protect their sovereign boarders and their families.

Our Conference hopes to make a contribution towards redressing this imbalance.

It was Henry Reynolds’s latest book "Forgotten War" that inspired and encouraged us to respond, and we are delighted that he has graciously agreed to be one of our Keynote Speakers. We are also grateful to Uncle Dave Williams, a 30 year veteran Serviceman for accepting our invitation to be a Keynote Speaker.


"Aborigines who fought for the white man, are remembered with reverence.
The many more who fought against are forgotten." Henry Reynolds